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Taxi of Mum and Dad
Taxi of Mum and Dad

We are looking for outgoing families to take part in a new primetime programme for Channel 4.

Taxi of Mum & Dad explores how parents are increasingly using the car as a way of spending quality time with their teens. By rigging the family car with small cameras, the programme will capture the day-to-day challenges of family life, moments when parents and teens discuss life issues, news stories or are simply having fun together.

At least one child must be aged 13+. We only accept applications from parent(s), guardian(s) or family members aged 18+. Expressions of interest are no guarantee of participation. All data will be processed in accordance with Princess Productions’ privacy policy.

Filming will take place early 2017.

KID EXPERT (working title)
KID EXPERT (working title)


Does your 10-14 year old have great knowledge or expertise in a particular subject?

Or maybe you know a child who really excels in the arts, science, inventing, writing, researching or debating…

We are also looking for children who are very well-read, highly inquisitive and able to form their own opinions on life’s big questions.

We are looking for expert children for a TV pilot project for Channel 4 Education. Participation for those selected will entail a filmed interview and a chance to explore on-camera their field of expertise. Filming is not for TV transmission at this stage. Parents can contact us at kids@princesstv.com or on 020 7985 1722. Please tell us a little about your child’s character and particular interests, and please include a phone number and a photo (for internal reference only). 

We can only enter into correspondence with a parent or guardian, and any data will be processed in accordance with Princess Productions’ privacy policy.